The fallout from international tension and insufficient investment in the human capital & development sector has made Pakistan one of the poorest countries of the world where poorness is wide spread and people lives below the poverty line. The literacy rate of Pakistan is lower than other countries of the world.

SEAPO Management Consultant is a register Organization of the Government of Pakistan Since March, 2013 with the main objective to provide relief to the people of Pakistan in Education sector. SEAPO Management offer admission in Under Graduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate educational programs in its partner education institutions of the public / private sector (National and International Universities are included) on subsidize fee as well as on Fully Funded Scholarships with monthly stipend. In Fully Funded Scholarships there are Free Education in Govt Universities, Free Accommodation and monthly stipend as per education program. some times living allowances as well as Air Tickets are also granted by the concern universities as per grants availible. Selection process for each university or intuition is different. More than 600 our students are studying in various partner educational institutions.

SEAPO Management Consultant provide counselling to choose right path & right place in educational career.

Our Services are:

To obtain Admission offer letter for students from various Universities.

Facilitation in arrangement of research supervisor where research is mandatory part of the program.

Writing of strong research proposal / study plan on behalf of student

Facilitaiton in obtaining of Visa / Resdident permit etc

Faciliation in Visa interview

many other services...

Future Plan

SEAPO Management has planned to hire dedicated and qualified persons from every district of Pakistan to facilitate our students on their door step. For this purpose online job application is created. Interested candidates are required to fill the online Job application form. We will call them for interview if He/She is eligible.

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Combine Exam System of...

27 04 2020

SEAPO Management offer the opportunity to get enroll in MA/MSc or BA/BSc, collect all study material from your post office and study at home/Stay safe in this s... Read more

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Fully Funded Scholarsh...

27 04 2020

High chances for award of scholarship with online classes from Home country. China has been announced 20,000 Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani students th... Read more

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Medical Admissions Abr...

27 04 2020

Interested students for admission in Medical/M.B.B.S Abroad are required to get enroll with us, They are required to send scan copies of Matric and F.Sc DMC. We... Read more

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In-Service Promotion

If you are a Govt servant and seeks service promotion or if you seeks Govt jobs then enroll with us for combine examination system of Part-I & Part-II of MA/MSc or Associate Degree Program in Science/Arts (ADP) previouly known as BA/BSc. Degree from Government University without classes. Get enroll with us, send your documents in email or whatsapp, collect your all study material with 5 year previous papers from your post office and study at home / stay safe in this situation of coronavirus. Interested students can pay fee in our official Bank account anywhere in HBL or JazzCash.

Fully Funded Scholarships

High chances for award of fully funded scholarship in China. This year china have been announced 20,000 fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students but most of parents do not allow thier children to travel abroad but we all know that China has controlled the situation of coronavirus. Due to very low competition amoung students, high chances of award of scholarships are expected this year. Please note that if the rest of country did not controlls the situation of coronavirus then China will not allow international students to their country and highly possible to allow international students to attend onlince classes from home country. Do not miss this opportunity and enroll with us for fully funded scholarship award. 

MBBS Abroad

SEAPO Mangement Consultant offer admission in MBBS 5 year in English without IELTS & Bank Statement with online classes at home in this situation of coronavirus. Students are required to send their Matric and F.Sc DMC in whatsapp or email. If found eligible, We will obtain admission letter for them from university and university will also allow them to attend online classes at home. Students have to pay only 500$ in our official Bank account anywhere in HBL to confirm his/her seat with us. It is highly possible that university will invite these students for September intake. Visa invitation will be issued later on. The rest of semester fee will be deposited in university on arrival. Our official representative will receive him/her on Airport and took them to hostel and university. Most of our students are admitted on the same way for MBBS 5 year in English who are will satisfied and are studying in various batches.

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