4. Combine Examination System 
(in Pakistan)

SEAPO Management Consultant offer admissions in Combine Examination System of Part-I & II in collaboration with Government University without classes. We also provide all study material & 5 year past papers. Interested candidates are required to apply online or send his documents in email or whatsapp to confirm his/her seat with us. candidates can deposit fee in our online official bank account anywhere in HBL or JazzCash. After fee deposit, we will send all study material to your postal address. Start study at home and only appear in examination which is expected in July/Aug-2020.

Migration: No migration is required.
Eligibility: ADP Arts

12 year of education in any subjects

Eligibility: ADP Science

12 year of education in any subjects including one science subject

Eligibility: MA/MSc
  • 14 year of education in any subjects combination
  • For MSc Mathematics MathsA, MathsB required in graduation.
Combine Exam System
1 Associate Degree Program (Arts)     25,000
2 Associate Degree Program (Science)     30,000
3 MA English     30,000
4 MA Political Science     30,000
5 MA History     30,000
6 MA/MSc Economics     30,000
7 MA Islamic Studies     30,000
8 MA Arabic     30,000
9 MA Punjabi     30,000
10 MA/MSc Pakistan Studies     30,000
11 MA International Relations     30,000
12 M.Sc Mathematics     30,000
Subjects Combination

(a). Associate Degree Program 
(Arts/Science) Compulsory Subjects 
(Previously known as BA/BSc)
1. English
2. Islamic Studies
3. Ethics
4. Pakistan Studies
(b). Elective Subjects (Select any Two 
subjects for Associate Degree Program Arts)
1. Arabic 14. Journalism
2. Computer Science 15. Mathematics A
3. Economics 16. Mathematics B
4. Education 17. Mathematics General
5. English (Literature) 18. Persian
6. Fine Arts 19. Philosophy
7. Geography 20. Political Science
8. Health & Physical Education 21. Psychology
9. History 22. Punjabi
10. Home Economics 23. Social Work
11. International Relations 24. Sociology
12. Islamic Studies 25. Statistics
13. Urdu -
(c). Associate Degree Program (Science)
(Select any one of the following group
of subjects)
1. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Chemistry 28. Psychology, Chemistry & Geography
2. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Statistics 29. Psychology, Zoology & Geography
3. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geography 30. Psychology, Chemistry & Botany
4. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Psychology 31. Psychology, Statistics & Economics
5. Physics, Mathematics A & Mathematics B 32. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Computer Studies
6. Physics, Statistics & Psychology 33. Psychology, Geography & Computer Studies
7. Physics, Chemistry & Statistics 34. Psychology, Statistics & Mathematics General
8. Physics, Mathematics (General) & Computer Studies 35. Psychology, Statistics & Geography
9. Physics, Chemistry & Computer Studies 36. Psychology, Economics & Geography
10. Chemistry, Economics & Geography 37. Statistics, Maths A & Maths B
11. Chemistry, Botany & Computer Studies 38. Statistics, Maths (General) & Psychology
12. Chemistry, Zoology & Computer Studies 39. Statistics, Economics & Geography
13. Botany, Chemistry & Geography 40. Statistics, Economics & Computer Studies
14. Botany, Chemistry & Statistics 41. Maths A, Maths B & Economics
15. Botany, Zoology & Computer Studies 42. Maths A, Maths B & Computer Studies
16. Zoology, Chemistry & Botany 43. Maths (General), Geography & Economics
17. Zoology, Chemistry & Geography 44. Maths (General), Geography & Statistics
18. Zoology, Chemistry & Statistics 45. Maths (General), Chemistry & Computer Studies
19. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Geography 46. Maths (General), Statistics & Computer Studies
20. Psychology, Chemistry & Zoology 47. Maths (General), Economics & Computer Studies
21. Psychology, Statistics & Home Economics 48. Maths (General), Statistics & Economics
22. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Home Economics 49. Geography, Botany & Zoology
23. Psychology, Chemistry & Home Economics 50. Geography, Economics & Computer Studies
24. Psychology, Geography & Home Economics 51. Maths A, Maths B & Statistics
25. Psychology, Botany & Zoology -
26. Psychology, Physics & Chemistry -
27. Psychology, Botany & Geography -

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In-Service Promotion

If you are a Govt servant and seeks service promotion or if you seeks Govt jobs then enroll with us for combine examination system of Part-I & Part-II of MA/MSc or Associate Degree Program in Science/Arts (ADP) previouly known as BA/BSc. Degree from Government University without classes. Get enroll with us, send your documents in email or whatsapp, collect your all study material with 5 year previous papers from your post office and study at home / stay safe in this situation of coronavirus. Interested students can pay fee in our official Bank account anywhere in HBL or JazzCash.

Scholarship Admissions

High chances for award of admissions on scholarship in China and Turkey. Detail is availible, Please check scholarship section on this website.

MBBS Abroad

SEAPO Management Consultant offer admission in MBBS 5 year in English for September 2020 session without IELTS & Bank Statement. No need for police clearance or Medical at Pakistan. Highly qualified international and Pakistani teaching staff is available.  Separate hostels for both boys and girls. Students are required to send their Matric and F.Sc DMC in WhatsApp or email to get university admission letter within 48 hours if found eligible. Visa invitation will be issued on provision of passport copy. University fee will be deposited by student on arrival at university.

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