Admissions in Turkish Government & Private Universities

Undergragudate and Master Programs

Admissions are open in Turkiey Government and private universities for International students with lower expenses. All field of study are availible in Turkish as well as in English. The deep-rooted foundation offers high-standards, education with elite professors in an excellent environment. 

Eligibility: Atleast 50 % marks are required in last qualification

Benifits of Turkish Universities:
  • High quality academic experience.
  • Great location between Europe and Asia,
  • All academic disciplines are available.
  • No IELTS required.
  • Fee submission at university by student on arrival. (No fee in case of scholarship)
  • European system of education
  • Economic and Safe Education Opportunity
  • International Recognition of the degree
  • Best infrastructure, carefully designed to meet the international standard.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls with Halal & delicious food
  • Quality and Easy Accessible Accommodation, Nutrition and Transport Opportunities
  • High chances of scholarships
  • Result awaited students can also apply with Hope Certificate
Our Services includes the following
  • Obtaining of Admission letter from university
  • Provision of Health insurance for stay in Turkey
  • Provision of Hostel Admission letter
  • Flight Reservation and Air Ticket
  • Travel Health Insurace
  • File preparation for embassy
  • Appoitment from embassy
  • Airport receiving in Turkey
  • University and Hostel registration process
  • Documents translation to Turkish
  • Provision of Equilence of YOK/Higher Education
  • Provision of Turkey Resident Permit
  • And many others.....
Documents Required for admission:
  • Last Degree/Certificate and transcript
  • Passport/CNIC
  • color photo
  • contact address & phone numbers
  • Mother name
  • English proficiency certificate (To be obtained from last attended college or University) (optional)
  • Reference letter (optional)
How to apply:

Step 1

Interested and eligible students are required to send clear pictures or scan copies of the above documents in our official WhatsApp No: +923328597525 and deposit fee in our official Bank Account anywhere in Habib Bank Limited to confirm seat with us and start process. Admission letter will be issued by the university within a week after evaulation of documents and eligibility.

Step 2

After getting admission letter, file will be prepared for visa. There are high chances of visa after geting admission letter of Government university.

Step 3

After getting visa, student has to buy air ticket and fly to desitiation university for proper registration at University as well as University dormitories for accommodation. Our official representative will receive student and will provide serives in Turkey as well as in Pakistan

Financial Support | Scholarship

After getting admission and proper registration as university, students can apply for financial assistance and scholarships. There are university scholarships and finanical assistance foundations who facilitate students in thier higher studies. Every year thousands of scholarship are being awarded to International students. Please note that every university has different scholarship categories. In addition to scholarship, students can also work part time in his/her own field at University with research supervisor/professors and can make money.

Names of Universities

We are official representative of universites. We submit student's documents to various universities as per university entery requirements and student previous qualification and marks. Any university which accepts students documents and application, will issue him/her admission letter. Name of university and its terms of admission will be mentioned in admission letter.

Fee of Universities approximatly:

Government universities English taught programs starts from 300 USD per semester

Government universities Turkish taught programs 1000 to 2000 Turkish Lira per semester

Private universities English or Turkish taught program starts from 400 to 1000 USD Per semester

Hostel accommodation, food and wifi starts from 700 Turkish Lira per month. (If student are living in private flat or apartment then hostel accommodation with food and wifi 7000 PKR per month.

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Ameer Hamza

This student is from Peshawar. He is accepted by Karabuk University which is Government University in Turkey in the discipline of BS Nursing for the academic year 2020-2021

Haseeb Jan

Haseeb Jan is admittted in Government University (Tokat Gazi Osman Pasha University, Turkey) in the dicipline of Software Engineering for the academic year 2020-2021

Ehsan Mahmood

This student is from Peshawar. He got study visa of Tukey in the discipline of undergraduate Automotive Engineering for the academic year 2020-2021 (Karabuk University)

Shahid Ali Khan

The student is accepted by Karabuk and Bolu Abbant University for Master with thesis in Geography/GIS for the academic year 2020-2021

Sajjad Hussain

This student is from Charsadda, KPK. He is being accepted by Karabuk and Bolu Abbant University in the discipline of Master with thesis in Civil Engineering for the acadmic year 2020-2021

Muhammad Saqib

This student is from Swabi KPK, He is accepted by Karabuk University in the discipline of Master with thesis in Electrical and Electronics Engineering for the academic year 2020-2021

Muhammad Salman

He is from Peshawar and is being accepted by Govt. Gazi Osmanpasa university of Turkey in the discipline of Master with thesis in Geography/GIS for the acadmic year 2020-2021

Sheraz Khan

Mr. Sheraz Khan is from Swat. He got acceptance in Government University of Turkey through us in the dicipline of Master in Medical Microbiology in the academic year 2020-2021

Syed Abdul Moiz Hashmi

Syed Abdul Moiz Hashmi is from Wah Cantt, Islamabad. He got study visa of Turkey through us for Master in Enviromental Engineering for the academic year 2020-2021.

Danial Ahmad

Mr. Danial is from Charsadda, KPK. He got Turkish study visa though us in the discipline of Master with thesis in English Litrature for the academic year 2020-2021

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